Monday, December 8, 2014

Life Under A Corset (DAY 4)

Update on my Corset Training  O u O .. after a few days struggling with my new companion i finally GOT SOME NEAT SLEEP i was having a hard time sleeping in these babies. ;-;  also on day 3 i was struggling to move since using these babies will limit your body movement. . before i went on using corset i always SLOUCH . yes SLOUCH . when i started having my boobies. i kind of hide it. :| so since then my POSTURE SUCKS . im not used to sitting up straight but now i have to since im wearing these babies. <3

im loving my curves here. LOL not much difference but now i can tie my corset tighter O3 O
my corsetted waist right now is 29 inches

<3  from 34 down to 29 OWO

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Life under A Corset~ (DAY 2)

So recently i decided to undergo Waist Training i wanted to reduce my waist to 26-25 inches  my current waistline is 34-32    .___.'' yes i love food  that why im big </3 so yeah  lets have some overview on corsetting or waist traning

Waist Training - is using corset or tightlacing to achieve an hourglass figure. it was also used by women in victorian era.

Note: if you want to start waist training get corset with STEEL BONED not acrylic or plastic. ALSO GET CORSET WITH ATLEAST 20 STEELBONES.

there are many type of corset  : UnderBust , OverBust,Cincher, and many more. i suggest start with underbust it gives you more mobility than the overbust.

so this is me in my waist trainer:
one thing i noticed is i get full easily Q_Q my stomach cant stretch that much since my belly is constricted . also im having a hard time sleeping but im  trying to be comfortable with my corset <3  i really want an hourglass figure ;3;

 so my current waistline is with corset is 30-29.  i will post updates everyweek  if there is any changes on my waist *excuse my armpits omg. baby armpit hair* xD LOL


Thanks for reading XOXO <3

Here is a link of Corset tips and tutorials <3 CLICK ME >w<

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ebay Haul~ my very first purchase on ebay :)

Hi Guys i recently bought my first purchase from ebay :3 WELL EVERYBODY KNOWS EBAY RIGHT?  so i purchased 3 items there i said to myself ill blog about my experience on ebay B)

so recently a bank went to our school to endorse their services what caught my eye is a DEBIT CARD A VISA DEBIT CARD *OOO*!  im like DAAMN i want it since i wanna purchase something at ebay so i applied for one it only cost 100 php <3 i love east west bank so musssh :)))
im too lazy to dl and post it i lol so this is what i bought on ebay i got 3 items :

1st an Usagi tsukino  2nd was an ulzzang wig and 3rd was a 24 bone corset :3  .. i love how fast i can transac using paypal/ebay i even made a misplaced order but the seller was ver considerate enough to give me a refund btw. refunds takes 1 week to 1 month for it to appear on your bank statement.  so this is my first time very excited on my purchase im checking it like everyday to check if its already here in the philippines. so this is the tracking in the ebay:

one thing that i noticed this one is not accurate >_>;; i check my shipment details on a certain site .. ill link you below after the picture so this is the tracking on the site that is accurate when it comes to shipping details on china post

The sailormoon wig was posted/shipped on october 31 .  i basically google for more info on how long would it take some people say its MONTHS im like .______.;; im one of those people that gets pissed when they wait for too long... but i kept my cool so i waited for it to arrive.   when i saw it says it has arrived on import custom im like *OOO*~ EXCIIITEEED btw not all parcel take that long my corset took only  a week ITS VERY FAST they say its fast since the sellet is located at hongkong :v
after a month and days i finally recieved a notice from the post office *3*

i got this on december 3 . early in the morning i was too excited i wanna claim it already but it says claim is on mon and fridays ONLY sucks.  if you are a filipino YOU KNOW WELL ENOUGH HOW CORRUPT PEOPLE ARE IN HERE i was afraid to claim it by myself some people say philpost put LARGE AMOUNT of tax ;_; on your parcel . there are many story of horror about philpost -shivers- so i went there with my dad.  i submitted the claim slip after minutes they invited me inside. the office im very scared they might put tax on my item ;___; but gladly i only paid 100 pesos per package they say its postage fee...  

this it my item >3< it we in mint condition although it was very dusty @__@  but its fine . 

this is what i got <3 i was disappointed with the ulzzang it IS NOTHING NEAR THE DESCRIPTION OR THE REFERENCE i gave the seller a bad record ._. but the sailormoon wig is <3 also the corset o3o

The corset was <3 it was 100% accurate. they even gave me a thong lol. although the sizing was much smaller than i expected yet they deliver excellent service ! A++! fast shipping accurate item:3

as for the sailormoon wig:

100% accurate very soft although the shipping was  very slow lol XD but i love wig :3

So lesson learned buy only from seller with awesome rating :v  will buy again from ebay ! 

thank you for reading and godbless 


Friday, November 28, 2014

Ulzzang wig review~ Lucaille brand

So hi ! sorry for the long hiatus . ived been busy with college recently -sweat- ;__;""  so im doing a review today about my wig :D this is an everyday fashion wig * intended for casual use* also if you                                                   are wondering what "ULZAANG" is:                                                                

Ulzzang (Korean얼짱), also spelled as eoljjang or uljjang (Korean pronunciation: [ʌl.tɕ͈äŋ]), is a popular South Koreanterm literally meaning "best face" or "good-looking". Originally used as a slang term, this word in the English lexicon has evolved into describing a person that follows specific style of fashion. A person desiring ulzzang status would gain popularity on the internet through entering contests where their photos are judged and chosen by voters, though many became well-known eoljjangs from having popular Cyworld accounts [importance?] or have gained popularity in school for being attractive.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Face Shop- Lovely me:ex cushion blusher* in #3 jenny

part 2 of my review for the faceshop products :D i got thi cute blusher for 222php its 50%  they offer this 1+1 sale right now buy 2 products and get them both for half the price *table flip* im currently on korean products  since their bb creams are SUPERB . so yeah i bought this with the liner *which i reviewed last time  so yeah lets start with this one.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Eyeliner Comparison *The faceshop vs Maybeline*

Hi i bough something from the faceshop this last saturday :) they have this offer of 1+1 buy 2 items and get them for half the price~ i got a bluser for 220php and the auto liner for 86php not bad i had a hard time deciding what to avail . i might go back to fetch a stick eyes *a stick eyeshadow* i like their white stick eye shadow i can use it for highlights Q_Q  so today iam going to compare 2 pencil liner that i have now its the MAYBELINE-master liner and THE FACESHOP- lovely me ex auto liner so lets start reviewing this 2 liners.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Etude House *Oh~m' Eyeliner*

Hi guys as promised i will review the etude house Oh M'eyeliner~ i bought it last monday i think with my lips fit this baby costs around 250php i bought it since im running out of eyeliner and my current liner does not meet my expectations, for an eye liner i look for 3 things. First is the PIGMENT i love eye liner that is very pigmented ... it will give alot of definition to my eyes~ Second is it must be LONG LASTING since usually i stay at cons for more than 7 hours without retouching *its really hard to retouch whenever you are in a con its very crowded its hard to redo or retouch your make up and the third one is MUST BE SMUDGE PROOF/WATERPROOF we all hate it when eyeliners smudge GOD it gives your horrible panda eyes Q_Q so i avoid non smudge proof liners. well i asked alot of people regarding this product they said its very pigmented and it lasts for a long time  so why not give it a shot? so i purchased one for myself <3

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Etude House Haul *Color lips fit review*

Its been a  while gals~ im busy with college recently @_@ so i cant update my blog anymore i went to etude house a while ago im excited to blog about my experience XD  the sales lady is very nice and she provides me info's and stuff  very accommodating in deed also the shop is very girly its princess themed ~ very wow Q_Q btw etude house is a korean brand cosmetics :D it originated from korea *obviously*  many people said its bb cream is surreal. im planning to avail one XD although its very expensive for me the product is great XD but for every great product means alot of money to be spent.XD

i got this color lips fit in the shade #or202 or called wanna fit orange im confused ifim going to buy the pink one's or this but iam kind of dark *asian skin tone* so i picked the orangy shade :D i liek it :3

this is the swatch its pink in color its ot that ORANGE really it has hint of orange but not entirely orange its liquid on first application it gradually turns to light power like its not heavy on my lips which is a +++ for me i hate heavy lipstick it makes my lips feel heavy and look thick  but you might want to top it with a clear coat? it feels kind of dry after some time Q___Q btw i got this for 498PHP on etude house and they gave me this cute membership card XD if you purchase more than 500 php its very cute XD 
le cute card on mah id :))

it comes with 6 shades :) its mainly 3 shades ,, the basic color is pink orange and red. also it has this top coat :) to achieve glossy look.

so this is it :> its very vibrant light weight i love it but i do have regrets with the color but NNNAAAAAAAAH i love mah orange lips :>  i  can see myself in etude house shop again :> i love etude house ~

its vibrant its lightweight and average price O_O

will buy again?

Y.E.S <3

thank you and godbless XOXO <3

Monday, June 23, 2014


hi everyone its been a while since i posted something new in my blog been busy with college stuff must graduate on time *O*! so yeah this post is about fake Etude house product i got this fake bb cream '-' yeah sucks i thought that buying a class a korean bb cream would be worth it :\ ITS NOT first of all to clarify things THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SG AUTHENTIC BEAUTY PRODUCTS  many online shops always use the word SG authentic its not authentic its FAKE ... F. A . K .E  its not worth it. ill show you guys how to spot fake etude house bb cream :|

This is the original one *picture source from google* a normal bb cream like this one costs around 800php on their shop but on online stores they only sell this for 300 200 php its VERY CHEAP and you would likely to be encouraged to buy one of this because its cheap the first sign of a fake etude house product is the CHEAP PRICE a high end products is very costly you pay alot for a nice bb cream right? basically cheap=low end expensive= high end.

  • The Packaging
you will know right away if its legit or not the box of an original bb cream has no decorations and such its only a rectangular box.  the design on the bottle is VERY different  the design and labeling on fake etude house can be easily scractched away.

  • The Pump
This is one of the major difference i can found among legit and non legit bb cream the legit ones is more circular and has soft edges but the fake ones has sharp edges also the fake one is very hard to pump i mean the product wont come out easily it takes 2-3 pumps for it to come out

  • The Design/Logo
Its very evident here in the picture as you can see the BB design of the original has this sparkle on the middle? the fake has none and the characters on the logo is korean for the fake english for the original on closer inspection the design is very different and guys Etude house All day strong BB cream is discontinued** so any bb cream like this is automatically fake since they dont produce em anymore

  • Product description
the left one is the legit its description is short and has this box thinngy below the fake has longer description compared to the legit one also has this recycle icon xD  yeah some other stuff

  • Consistency & coverage 
above was a sample of fake etude house bb cream swatch its WATERY and has this weird smell it has NO COVERAGE AT ALL :| when i applied this on my face it easily fades off UGH and gets VERY OILY D:



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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How to Edit cosplay photos :3

Hi guys :O i will now show you how to edit your cosplay photos using PS my PS ic c6 so yeah XD le bf installed this on my laptop i just started using PS since i have it on my laptop why not use it for my photos :O

  • Curves: go to image>adjustments>curves you will see an inclined line the lower left one where the line starts adjust it a little downward and on the middle adjust it upward it will make your photo much clearer and defines * o *
  • Clone Stamp : use this tool to cover up blemishes and such. press ALT to the place where you want to clone and also set the opacity to 30%-40%
  • Dodge:  i use this tool to highlight my face also for the eyes when highlighting your face set it to MIDTONE and opacity at 15-20% when using it for the eyes set it as HIGHLIGHT and opacity to 70-100% and highlight those eyes to make them POP~
  • Burn: use this tool to make your eyeliner visible thus making your eyes more defined~ set it to either midtones or shadow 20% opacity 
  • Surface Blur: go to Filter>blur>surface blur it gives you this soft look its really good when your editing your skin it will give this dewy soft look make your skin look very smooooth ~
  • Liquify: use to adjust minor things i dont use this thing its very hard to control Q_Q

Credits to Miss Yume Ka of D.A link to her D,A 




Monday, June 16, 2014

How to Fix Broken Compacts Shadows Blushers ETC

hi belated happy fathers day to all daddies out there B) i celebrated fathers day with my dad *OBVIOUSLY* XD so wasnt able to update my blog and before we head out i accidentally dropped my new blusher/countour pact i open it and OMG ITS RUINED NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO '-'

then i remember i saw this posts about how to fix broken blusher so i tried em out O:

Thing You will need

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • spoon
  • a plastic bag
  • your broken powder pieces
Steps by Step guide~
  1. first take your broken powder pieces and put them in a plastic bag
  2. crush the powder piece till its pulverized well
  3. put back your powder in your compact
  4. add rubbing alcohol and stir till it becomes a paste
  5. using the spoon smooth out the paste to desire look LOL
  6. let it open for it to dry 
  • NOTE: do not use water since water takes time to dry up we used alcohol since its VOLATILE: dries up easily*

sorry for the short post been busy guys D:



Saturday, June 14, 2014

Eye make up trial * Elsa SnowQueen*

Hi! so im a little bored this afternoon decided to do an elsa snowqueen eye make up * o* so frozen is very mainstream at the moment here there are many elsa cosplayers why not try  her eye make up? im really bored so yeah made a tutorial of it sorry for the crappy tutorial ;-;

 used only 3 shadows for this tutorial as seen above btw i used my coastal scents 252 palette for this :> if you wanna see my pallete click here~ and as for the lenses that i used refer here~ so here is the simple sterp by step pictures sorry grabbed the models eyes from google AHHA XD

here is the step by step application of the eye shadow byw be sure to blend em well :3 also prime prime prime those lids for much intense eyeshadow color also for it to lasts longer

step by step tutorial in words AHAHAHA
  1. prime your eyelids for better intense shadow color
  2. grab your favorite eyeshadow brush dab a glitter plum color on your paletter and apply in the middle of your eye lids 
  3. dab your brush on a dark violet glittery shadow and apply on the sides of the plum one
  4. get your peach color *i think* XD and apply em to the edges of your dark violet shadow and also down to your lower lid
  5. line those eye for much more dramatic look like elsa's
  6. use a huge amount of mascara for your lashes
  7. grab your thick falsies and glue em to your lids
  8. cover the excess glue with eyeliner
ill provide you a nice video of an elsa tutorial just in case 

as for the lashes i used this one

the bottom ones the dramatic ones since elsa's eyes have this dramatic eyelashes very thick indeed :like: 




Friday, June 13, 2014

Circle Lens Review * Crystal Ula Blue*

Hi im going to review this lens which i got from gwyshop :D ill give the shop link below :D bought it last year since i dont have a blog back then i didnt have the chance to review this lens. i bought this for one for my stocking anarchy cosplay . i debuted my stocking anarchy back at october 6th 2013 it was cosmania 13" back then i picked up this lens at their booth :>

since it was a very long time ago i dispatched my bottle already X( so ill provide you some pictures from google of the vial *credits to the owners*

this is the vial of the lens ill provide the specification below~

✿ ULA Blue ✿
Brand: Crystal
Diameter: 15mm
Orgin:South Korea
Effect: up to 18mm

Power: Plano Only
Base Curve: 8.6
Color: 2 Tone
Water Content: 42%
Life Span:1 Year
Shelf Life: 3 Years

IT PALE im like gosh would this thing be visible on cameras and such Q_Q i wore this on the spot and gave me red eyes lol because i didnt wash my hand XD too many people using le bathroom so put this on inside the con its hard D: almost dropped this on the ground ROLF so yeah its pale when u first look at it sorry for the crappy photo i dont have this DSLR thing *too expensive*


IAM SHOCKED AND IMPRESSED how this thing is very visible this photo is taken the night before ozine 13" with artificial lights i did not use any flash or so i hate flash it makes my face look oily and stuff XD so yeah its very pretty O_O and very visible indeed ! 

this is the picture of it in a shoot *credits to le photog mr kuroyuki* :D i have no problems regarding this lens but i do get dizzy when it dries up on my eyes when wearing it for too long it makes me dizzy Q__Q

  • Final Verdict 
this is one of my favorite lenses of all time very affordable bought this at 300php :like:  visible and its not that big that will make me look liek some alien HOHO xD will repurchase?

YES if this one expires will get a new pair of it my all time favorite lens <3 SHOP LINK LINK~

Thank You So much and Godbless



Thursday, June 12, 2014

Proper Order of BEAUTY PRODUCTS~

Every Girl goes through A lot of beauty products especially the face to keep em from blemishes and other face related problem but many of us dont know the proper order of such products. there are many products used in our face, such as toner,moisturizer,facial foam and etc etc  TheProper Order of Facial Products is from LIGHT TO HEAVY

  • Wash Your Face with a Facial Cleanser/Foam

Use a nice facial cleanser to cleanse up your skin also pick a mild one since our face is very delicate not to mention if you are acne prone get a facial cleanser with anti bacterial agent to reduce ace/pimple breakout since acne/pimple comes from dirt and oil that accumulated on your skin.

  • Exfoliate with Facial Scrub

Next is Use a scrub you shoulf only use a facial scrub 2 to 3 times a week only too much is also bad for you using facial scrub will scrub away dead skin cells on your face thus showing a much healthier looking skin

  • Tone that Face baby~!

use a toner Without ALCOHOL if you are picky with toner you should know alcohol is a big NO NO for a nice toner not only it harms your skin it also gives you painful stings in your face toning your face removes residues from your cleanser make up and also oil in your face.

  • Astringent All the way~~

one of the most important on your face regime this product is often not used but people doesnt knwo its importance Astringent is used to shrink those pores of yours the word ASTRINGENT means to shrink refer to this link link~ it is advised for oily pipz LIKE ME to use this baby since it shrinks pores thus minimizing secretion of oil in your face :3

  • moisturize

one of the misconception of the people is if you have OILY SKIN you dont have to moisturize your face well NO. even though you are very oily and feel that its no use to moisture that is wrong girl. Oily people should moisturize to they act as barrier against dry skin.  no one want FALKY DRY SKIN RIGHT? also these keeps your away from early wrinkles :O it helps you to fight futher damage caused by the enviroment 

  • Apply Sunscreen

in a tropical country which iam currently living .. you need this product to keep your face fair here in the ph the temperature is whooping 39 degrees celcius in the summer WHEW. it will sure to tan up your face D: sunscreen is good since it protects you from UV rays there are 2 types of radiation which sun gives you UVA and UVB. refer to the link link ~ there are suncreen that only provides protection against UVB but not on UVA you should get a sunscreen that offers  BROAD SPECTRUM or FULL SPECTRUM it protects you both againsts UVA and UVB :3



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