Saturday, July 12, 2014

Etude House *Oh~m' Eyeliner*

Hi guys as promised i will review the etude house Oh M'eyeliner~ i bought it last monday i think with my lips fit this baby costs around 250php i bought it since im running out of eyeliner and my current liner does not meet my expectations, for an eye liner i look for 3 things. First is the PIGMENT i love eye liner that is very pigmented ... it will give alot of definition to my eyes~ Second is it must be LONG LASTING since usually i stay at cons for more than 7 hours without retouching *its really hard to retouch whenever you are in a con its very crowded its hard to redo or retouch your make up and the third one is MUST BE SMUDGE PROOF/WATERPROOF we all hate it when eyeliners smudge GOD it gives your horrible panda eyes Q_Q so i avoid non smudge proof liners. well i asked alot of people regarding this product they said its very pigmented and it lasts for a long time  so why not give it a shot? so i purchased one for myself <3

so this is my eyeliner its black obviously im looking at its bottle to look for infos and such sadly i cant find one except for the made in korea thing LOL.

  • First impression-
i like the bottle the applicator is easy to handle not like the other eyeliner it has this small handle its gives me this uneasy feeling.. but this one its applicator is great its easy to line my eyes~ the bottle is pretty big than other liners that i own

Swatch Time~

i swatched my old liner  and etude liner the left side the very pigmented one is the maybeline hypergloss liner *i think* the 4 other lines is the etude liner . i was very dissapointed  i thought that etude would be much pigmented than the maybeline. but the etude is matte and the maybeline is kind of glossy..and also to reach that pigment i have to re apply 2 coats which was sad ;_; but the maybeline just took 1 stroke and very pigmented.

Waterproof/smudge test

i put on a few drops my toner on this one ans slightly smudged it and WHOAH the maybeline went POOF~ its gone  but the etude is still there its very awesome it didnt evet smudged of got erased <3 its very durable i suddenly realized its worth it  ~ its worth my 250php LOL


etude is worth a try it may not be as pigmented as the maybeline but it lasts like omg. just be patient to double coat to have more pigment :D i preffer this over the maybeline since that was my problem at the first the maybeline does not stay long just few sweats its gone ;___;


its the only line that give me this staying power  so i will repurchase :) but if i find a new liner that will be much pigmented and has the same staying power id go for that

thanks for reading gals

XoXo ~

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