Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Face Shop- Lovely me:ex cushion blusher* in #3 jenny

part 2 of my review for the faceshop products :D i got thi cute blusher for 222php its 50%  they offer this 1+1 sale right now buy 2 products and get them both for half the price *table flip* im currently on korean products  since their bb creams are SUPERB . so yeah i bought this with the liner *which i reviewed last time  so yeah lets start with this one.


the packaging is made out of cardboard i think? i appreciate what they did with the packaging since its much more environment friendly? i guess owo  its pink I LOVE IT XD  it has this design of different accesories on the packaging  it comes with a cute puff as you can see :O  i already used it couple of times so year the puff loos cute its PINK Q_Q -pukes rainbows-

so this is the color of the blush its really light *m * at first i think it wont work for me since iam a bit dark but happily it worked XD since i only look a bit dark when iam oily  speaking of the color it doesnt show that much iam having a hard time swatching this cam wont see the color ;C

i cant see it D: its too light  but for some unknown reason i love it . make my face more radiant the glitters were really smallit gives me this radiant looking cheeks * m *

you need  re apply two times to get the color on your face which is not that good

as for longetivity it doesnt lasts long for me a bit of 2-3 hours its gone since its hot here in the ph so i often sweat alot; so yeah ..

Price: 3-5
cuteness: 100/10 LOL

would repurchase?

hmm i think no its too light for me D: im thinking of purchasing their cheek stick though.

thanks for reading godbless


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