Sunday, July 13, 2014

Eyeliner Comparison *The faceshop vs Maybeline*

Hi i bough something from the faceshop this last saturday :) they have this offer of 1+1 buy 2 items and get them for half the price~ i got a bluser for 220php and the auto liner for 86php not bad i had a hard time deciding what to avail . i might go back to fetch a stick eyes *a stick eyeshadow* i like their white stick eye shadow i can use it for highlights Q_Q  so today iam going to compare 2 pencil liner that i have now its the MAYBELINE-master liner and THE FACESHOP- lovely me ex auto liner so lets start reviewing this 2 liners.

lets start about the price . i got the auto liner on sale for 86php so 86*2= 170++? and the master liner mom gave it to me i think its the same price range as my auto liner though as far as i know this masterliner was designed for brows i shall ask my mom is its an eyeliner or an eyebrow pencil. as for the price they are both affodable.

the packaging of the the maybeline is much smaller and more compact. the faceshop on the other hand its much bigger but it has this smudger on the other end the smudger is pretty hard lol it hurts to smudge arounn the eyes .


i decided to see whether what liner contains more so i screwed it up until all of the product went out  i noticed that maybeline has more product than the autoline of the face shop and the face shop has this white powder thinngy as you can see on the picture *_*


i swatched em both and noticed that the maybeline liner is much pigmented than both it looks like a gel liner its kind of glossy when you stare at  it but the auto liner seemed slightly ugh powdery to my eyes i dont know that is what i saw  Q_Q  

Smudge test

i smudged them to see which liner would last and to test longevity . the maybeline masterliner did not come of my hands it stays at it is but the faceshop liner within a few smudges it went off kind of dissapointing :/ i have high hopes for this one *this is an honest opinion *  i slept with this liner in my hands the masterliner is still there but the faceshop is gone if iam gouing to use a liner for a con id definitely use the maybeline since it stays longer Qn Q

Would repurchase them both?

the maybeline yes but the faceshop well 50/50

Thanks for viewing gals

thank you and godbless


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