Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Etude House Haul *Color lips fit review*

Its been a  while gals~ im busy with college recently @_@ so i cant update my blog anymore i went to etude house a while ago im excited to blog about my experience XD  the sales lady is very nice and she provides me info's and stuff  very accommodating in deed also the shop is very girly its princess themed ~ very wow Q_Q btw etude house is a korean brand cosmetics :D it originated from korea *obviously*  many people said its bb cream is surreal. im planning to avail one XD although its very expensive for me the product is great XD but for every great product means alot of money to be spent.XD

i got this color lips fit in the shade #or202 or called wanna fit orange im confused ifim going to buy the pink one's or this but iam kind of dark *asian skin tone* so i picked the orangy shade :D i liek it :3

this is the swatch its pink in color its ot that ORANGE really it has hint of orange but not entirely orange its liquid on first application it gradually turns to light power like its not heavy on my lips which is a +++ for me i hate heavy lipstick it makes my lips feel heavy and look thick  but you might want to top it with a clear coat? it feels kind of dry after some time Q___Q btw i got this for 498PHP on etude house and they gave me this cute membership card XD if you purchase more than 500 php its very cute XD 
le cute card on mah id :))

it comes with 6 shades :) its mainly 3 shades ,, the basic color is pink orange and red. also it has this top coat :) to achieve glossy look.

so this is it :> its very vibrant light weight i love it but i do have regrets with the color but NNNAAAAAAAAH i love mah orange lips :>  i  can see myself in etude house shop again :> i love etude house ~

its vibrant its lightweight and average price O_O

will buy again?

Y.E.S <3

thank you and godbless XOXO <3

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