Monday, June 9, 2014

Nivea Haul~

Hi there~! Im really hyped about my blog right now xD i cant contain t myself from posting a new entry XD

-gets brickd to death-


I went at Sm Department store here at my place with my mom * cant remember when is it but i think its last last week* THEN I SAW A SIGN *reminds me of pitch perfect B)* yes i saw a sign it says 50% OFF ON ALL NIVEA PRODUCTS my eyes went O__________O;; -table flips- i immediately grabbed my wallet and bought my self this stuff i bought a Nivea 10x Pore minimizer foam, Nivea Mattifying toner and a Nivea body mild Extra whitening cell repair and protect *wow thats a long name for a lotion* i recently had a dip on a beach yeah... what an awesome beach. its Suso Beach located at La union pretty beach i tell ya. :))))

Epic beach B)

 so yeah i got a tan which sucks -____- so i bought whitening products to regain my old complexion :> so lets start with the review~ btw i didnt have a photo of the foam since it doesnt look that good hae been using it for a while now xD

i got this babies for 85php for the toner 75 php for the foam and 105php for the lotion with the total of 265 for 3 products i think its about 6 USD? pretty cheap huh XD?  cheepythecheapskate here ROLF.

so this is my face after i washed it with the pore minimizer o wo ill make short reviews for each it will be boring to read a very very long blog post =,m=  so yeah ..

lets start do a brief review 1 by 1

Nivea Whitening Pore minimizer

Product description:

For extra dull skin with extra large pores, with regular use of make-up.

Harsh make-up removers may contain acidic ingredients that cause the skin to become thinner, making it more prone to dullness and enlarged pores. Nivea* Extra White Repair Pore Minimizer Foam cleanses away impurities and 10 make-up residues to minimize appearance of acne, large pores and dark spots, without containing skin thinning ingredients.

My Thoughts in this product

iam using this for almost 3 weeks or so yeah i mention above i got a tan -__-  mom said i DID got a little fairer . yes it does not Clog pores i got less black head it doesnt break me out. the pore minimizer it claims i think .. it does but not that visible i got large pores on  my face. i went a LITTLE A VERY LITTLE smaller i think I THINK. it does good on cleansing it does not give you this over cleansed steched face feeling thing AHAHAHAH :))) the smell is nice the texture is a bit creamy ... so for this foam ill give it a...

Final Verdict: 3.5/5

Product Description : NIVEA AQUA EFFECT MATTFYING TONER enriched with ocean algae & Hydra IQ:
  • Tones the skin deeply and removes residues
  • Reduces excess sebum and oil control shine with its mattifying formula
  • Maintains the natural moisture with its formula that contains ocean algae

   the skin is deeply toned and mattified , looking healthy and beautiful

My thoughts on the product:

GUHH i dont like how it feels sticky though i checked my face its not that shiny . but i feel like iam much oilier when i put this toner on, its smell is great similar to baby powder .. its A BIG BOTTLE  of toner will last long i can tell its 200ml :O i love how it doesnt sting my face or eye when im applying it since it doesnt have alcohol in it THUMBS UP :like: actually you can use it as make up remover xD it works FOR ME. xD 

Final Verdict : 3/5 

since it does its job nice i only hate hate the sticky feeling Q_Q it does not sting and no ALCOHOL~!

Nivea BodyMilk Extra Whitening Cell Repair & Protect

Product Description:  Skin Feeling 2/5 *rich* 

Do you want to strengthen your skin and reveal extra fair tone? TRY *insert label here* 

  • Contains Concentrated Natural Camu Camu And Acerola cherry with 50x higher vitamin C* to repair 10 signs of damaged skin
  1. Dark Spots 
  2. Rough
  3. itchy
  4. flaky
  5. cracked
  6. tight
  7. dry & dull
  8. uneven
  9. accumulated dull damaged skin from sun * vs lemon extract

My Thoughts on the product:

so researched about the fruits that they mentioned here is the links of the said fruit Camu Camu link~ and Acerola Cherry Link~  it does what it says , refer to the links also the lotion is watery in consistency its not very creamy which i really love since i hate it when i get sweaty and the lotions goes icky and goey feeling on my skin BLEH . the smell is good but it doesnt lasts that much. IT DOES MAKES ME FAIR it made me fairer from my recent tan on the beach :D i really love this thing im almost out of it im going to repurchase :> for people who hate too creamy lotion i recommend this thing :> also my boyfriend LOLOL noticed that i had smoother skin >3< yay ! it moistures my skin good 

Final Verdict  4.5/5 

it does what it says but the scent doesnt last :c sucks. i really love this thing will repurchase when i ran out of this stuff


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