Thursday, June 12, 2014

Proper Order of BEAUTY PRODUCTS~

Every Girl goes through A lot of beauty products especially the face to keep em from blemishes and other face related problem but many of us dont know the proper order of such products. there are many products used in our face, such as toner,moisturizer,facial foam and etc etc  TheProper Order of Facial Products is from LIGHT TO HEAVY

  • Wash Your Face with a Facial Cleanser/Foam

Use a nice facial cleanser to cleanse up your skin also pick a mild one since our face is very delicate not to mention if you are acne prone get a facial cleanser with anti bacterial agent to reduce ace/pimple breakout since acne/pimple comes from dirt and oil that accumulated on your skin.

  • Exfoliate with Facial Scrub

Next is Use a scrub you shoulf only use a facial scrub 2 to 3 times a week only too much is also bad for you using facial scrub will scrub away dead skin cells on your face thus showing a much healthier looking skin

  • Tone that Face baby~!

use a toner Without ALCOHOL if you are picky with toner you should know alcohol is a big NO NO for a nice toner not only it harms your skin it also gives you painful stings in your face toning your face removes residues from your cleanser make up and also oil in your face.

  • Astringent All the way~~

one of the most important on your face regime this product is often not used but people doesnt knwo its importance Astringent is used to shrink those pores of yours the word ASTRINGENT means to shrink refer to this link link~ it is advised for oily pipz LIKE ME to use this baby since it shrinks pores thus minimizing secretion of oil in your face :3

  • moisturize

one of the misconception of the people is if you have OILY SKIN you dont have to moisturize your face well NO. even though you are very oily and feel that its no use to moisture that is wrong girl. Oily people should moisturize to they act as barrier against dry skin.  no one want FALKY DRY SKIN RIGHT? also these keeps your away from early wrinkles :O it helps you to fight futher damage caused by the enviroment 

  • Apply Sunscreen

in a tropical country which iam currently living .. you need this product to keep your face fair here in the ph the temperature is whooping 39 degrees celcius in the summer WHEW. it will sure to tan up your face D: sunscreen is good since it protects you from UV rays there are 2 types of radiation which sun gives you UVA and UVB. refer to the link link ~ there are suncreen that only provides protection against UVB but not on UVA you should get a sunscreen that offers  BROAD SPECTRUM or FULL SPECTRUM it protects you both againsts UVA and UVB :3




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