Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Lets talk about brushes! brushes is one of the must haves of every cosplayers not only us but the other girls that loves make up. thought everyone *almost* uses it dont have any idea where and how to use each brush. there is a different sizes of brush for your types of need :D it can be either for eyes lips for powder or for concealer every brush has its use and you should know how and where to use it for you to achieve your disired look and also not waste money i mean REALLY YOU BOUGHT AWESUM AWESUM BRUSHA BUT U DONT KNOW HOW TO USE EM -table flip-

so here is the list of brushes and their use and a bonus video to help you out :)

  • Flat Brush

This brush, typically synthetic, is used to apply foundation. It’s perfect for blending together product, covering your pores and leaving you with a streak-free, even complexion – the perfect base for any makeup look you hope to create. Usually called Buffing brush it is used in a circular motion on applying foundation there is also called Flat foundation brush also used for foundation

Powder Brush

This fluffy, rounded brush is your go-to brush for applying all face powders – bronzers, blushes and highlighters. Setting your foundation is also important and with this brush you’ll be able to evenly distribute powder to set your base. I can’t deny that this brush may become your new best friend!

Angled Brush

This fluffy angled brush is used to apply powder to your face as well, but its long bristles are great for creating dimension without irritating skin or disturbing foundation. Dust on blush or bronzer to help contour your face for a more defined (and rosy) finish.

  • Short Firm Brush

Ideal for applying eyeshadow, this brush can be used in the corner of the eye and along the lid. These brushes tend to have soft bristles, meaning they work best with powder eyeshadows. Similar to the angled face brush, this gem contours the eye and adds depth. If there is one eyeshadow brush you should own, this is the one.

  • Angled Eyeliner Brush

With all of the types of eyeliner on the market, you may not be a cream or gel liner girl; but if you are, the right brush can work wonders. This brush’s short, firm bristles provide control when trying to create a breathtaking cat eye and bonds together for fluid lash line application

  • Lip Brush

With a precision flat tip and firm bristles, this brush works with any lip formula and gives your pout the finish it deserves–no bleeding, even coverage and rich color. You can start by lining your lips, then work from the center of your lip to the edges, filling in your lipstick in with this brush. If you have problems connecting your color in the corner of your lips, use the blunt tip of this brush to blend product. Hello gorgeous lips!

  • How to Clean and take care of your brushies 

when cleaning your brush you should pick a mild anti bacterial cleansing agent for your babies. since its bristles are very delicate avoid using blower to dry them up it will damage your brush also after cleaning them you should shape them back to their shape to prolong the shape of the brush if you dont handle its bristle well it will spread up just like hair with LOTS OF FRIZZ you dont want that DONT YOU? put them in a place with good ventilation for them to dry up never on direct sunlight brushes used for liquid stuff is to be cleaned after use so bacteria wont hid inside your brushie *ewww* as for powder brushes once a week bathing for your lovelies is great <3

THANKS FOR READING :"3 and credits to michelle phan** for the brushes info i will research more on other brush and update this post*


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