Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How to Edit cosplay photos :3

Hi guys :O i will now show you how to edit your cosplay photos using PS my PS ic c6 so yeah XD le bf installed this on my laptop i just started using PS since i have it on my laptop why not use it for my photos :O

  • Curves: go to image>adjustments>curves you will see an inclined line the lower left one where the line starts adjust it a little downward and on the middle adjust it upward it will make your photo much clearer and defines * o *
  • Clone Stamp : use this tool to cover up blemishes and such. press ALT to the place where you want to clone and also set the opacity to 30%-40%
  • Dodge:  i use this tool to highlight my face also for the eyes when highlighting your face set it to MIDTONE and opacity at 15-20% when using it for the eyes set it as HIGHLIGHT and opacity to 70-100% and highlight those eyes to make them POP~
  • Burn: use this tool to make your eyeliner visible thus making your eyes more defined~ set it to either midtones or shadow 20% opacity 
  • Surface Blur: go to Filter>blur>surface blur it gives you this soft look its really good when your editing your skin it will give this dewy soft look make your skin look very smooooth ~
  • Liquify: use to adjust minor things i dont use this thing its very hard to control Q_Q

Credits to Miss Yume Ka of D.A link to her D,A 




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