Saturday, June 14, 2014

Eye make up trial * Elsa SnowQueen*

Hi! so im a little bored this afternoon decided to do an elsa snowqueen eye make up * o* so frozen is very mainstream at the moment here there are many elsa cosplayers why not try  her eye make up? im really bored so yeah made a tutorial of it sorry for the crappy tutorial ;-;

 used only 3 shadows for this tutorial as seen above btw i used my coastal scents 252 palette for this :> if you wanna see my pallete click here~ and as for the lenses that i used refer here~ so here is the simple sterp by step pictures sorry grabbed the models eyes from google AHHA XD

here is the step by step application of the eye shadow byw be sure to blend em well :3 also prime prime prime those lids for much intense eyeshadow color also for it to lasts longer

step by step tutorial in words AHAHAHA
  1. prime your eyelids for better intense shadow color
  2. grab your favorite eyeshadow brush dab a glitter plum color on your paletter and apply in the middle of your eye lids 
  3. dab your brush on a dark violet glittery shadow and apply on the sides of the plum one
  4. get your peach color *i think* XD and apply em to the edges of your dark violet shadow and also down to your lower lid
  5. line those eye for much more dramatic look like elsa's
  6. use a huge amount of mascara for your lashes
  7. grab your thick falsies and glue em to your lids
  8. cover the excess glue with eyeliner
ill provide you a nice video of an elsa tutorial just in case 

as for the lashes i used this one

the bottom ones the dramatic ones since elsa's eyes have this dramatic eyelashes very thick indeed :like: 




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