Friday, January 19, 2018

Sparkle SKINNY contact lens in Classic Beauty Gray

Hello guys after 2 years sleeping in hell hole i will now give you a review on the lenses i bought today for my graduation photo *crosses fingers  i hope that ill graduate LOL*  TLDR 

Tomorrow is Grad shoot so LETS BE FAB ~ by this  one time memorable experience *except if you will study again and get another degree LMAO* 

here is the catalog of sparkle lens available online?  im trying to find individual catalog for the classic beauty series? but i cant seem to find one, lol

anways here is the photo of the lens vial 

it says  "extra thin"  its supposed to be thinner than usual lenses for better comfort ? i guess LoL

on the bottle as you can see its BC is 8.60 WHAT IS BC YOU ASK?  well as per what google says 

"The 'BC' or base curve measurement indicates the back curvature of your contact lens, in millimetres. ... It also means your contact lenses will be less likely to fall out. A lower BC number means a steeper curve of your cornea (the clear front surface of your eye)."

DM is of course the diameter of the lens its how big the lenses are. this one comes in 14.5 MM

The lenses is good for 1 year of use and it is made in korea~

closer view of the bottle *front view*

This is the when worn photo in low light i used beauty cam lol  i have ugly ugly skin xD 
on wearing it. omg it hurts like hell. it stings! i dunno why tho.  i tried it directly from the vial. but it hurt so much so i decided to soak it in my solution before trying again.

WELL IT FELT BETTER tho it still stings? 

Photo with good light source. well it looks very natural ! as what i wanted for my grad photo. but it still lacks this color that i want. for some reason, i dunno ,  but yeah.  other than that its ok :D

after wearing for a long period of time (Im still wearing it while typing this lol)

it felt better the sting went away. :D its very comfortable now. 


COLOR : 3/5
PRICE 4/5  i bought it for 320 php with free lens case pretty cheap~

FINAL VERDICT 3.5?   will purchase again?  prolly not. i was in a rush to have a lens so i settled for this XD  

i bought this pair from a facebook seller this is her fb SHOP


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I missed Blogging :(

Hello guys!   its been 2 years since i touched my blog. been stressed with acads and all. i forgot that i have a blog that you guys are supporting.  thanks so much for visiting even tho i stopped for 2 years.


tell me what you guys want to read on my blog?

Thanks for all the support all this 20k views is worth it because of you! ill do my best to be active again! :)

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hi Guys!!

Hi Guys Sorry for the lack of updates from this blog ... theres alot of things happened for the past months.. i lost my father last november 1st which made me depressed for a long time.... but Iam fine now. i have lots of make up haul  with me LOL.   alot of them are from Etude house !  i shall update this blog soon as i can i hope you guys are still there to read my not so great blog XD 

btw guys thank you and godbless! 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Life Under A Corset (DAY 4)

Update on my Corset Training  O u O .. after a few days struggling with my new companion i finally GOT SOME NEAT SLEEP i was having a hard time sleeping in these babies. ;-;  also on day 3 i was struggling to move since using these babies will limit your body movement. . before i went on using corset i always SLOUCH . yes SLOUCH . when i started having my boobies. i kind of hide it. :| so since then my POSTURE SUCKS . im not used to sitting up straight but now i have to since im wearing these babies. <3

im loving my curves here. LOL not much difference but now i can tie my corset tighter O3 O
my corsetted waist right now is 29 inches

<3  from 34 down to 29 OWO

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