Monday, December 8, 2014

Life Under A Corset (DAY 4)

Update on my Corset Training  O u O .. after a few days struggling with my new companion i finally GOT SOME NEAT SLEEP i was having a hard time sleeping in these babies. ;-;  also on day 3 i was struggling to move since using these babies will limit your body movement. . before i went on using corset i always SLOUCH . yes SLOUCH . when i started having my boobies. i kind of hide it. :| so since then my POSTURE SUCKS . im not used to sitting up straight but now i have to since im wearing these babies. <3

im loving my curves here. LOL not much difference but now i can tie my corset tighter O3 O
my corsetted waist right now is 29 inches

<3  from 34 down to 29 OWO

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Life under A Corset~ (DAY 2)

So recently i decided to undergo Waist Training i wanted to reduce my waist to 26-25 inches  my current waistline is 34-32    .___.'' yes i love food  that why im big </3 so yeah  lets have some overview on corsetting or waist traning

Waist Training - is using corset or tightlacing to achieve an hourglass figure. it was also used by women in victorian era.

Note: if you want to start waist training get corset with STEEL BONED not acrylic or plastic. ALSO GET CORSET WITH ATLEAST 20 STEELBONES.

there are many type of corset  : UnderBust , OverBust,Cincher, and many more. i suggest start with underbust it gives you more mobility than the overbust.

so this is me in my waist trainer:
one thing i noticed is i get full easily Q_Q my stomach cant stretch that much since my belly is constricted . also im having a hard time sleeping but im  trying to be comfortable with my corset <3  i really want an hourglass figure ;3;

 so my current waistline is with corset is 30-29.  i will post updates everyweek  if there is any changes on my waist *excuse my armpits omg. baby armpit hair* xD LOL


Thanks for reading XOXO <3

Here is a link of Corset tips and tutorials <3 CLICK ME >w<

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ebay Haul~ my very first purchase on ebay :)

Hi Guys i recently bought my first purchase from ebay :3 WELL EVERYBODY KNOWS EBAY RIGHT?  so i purchased 3 items there i said to myself ill blog about my experience on ebay B)

so recently a bank went to our school to endorse their services what caught my eye is a DEBIT CARD A VISA DEBIT CARD *OOO*!  im like DAAMN i want it since i wanna purchase something at ebay so i applied for one it only cost 100 php <3 i love east west bank so musssh :)))
im too lazy to dl and post it i lol so this is what i bought on ebay i got 3 items :

1st an Usagi tsukino  2nd was an ulzzang wig and 3rd was a 24 bone corset :3  .. i love how fast i can transac using paypal/ebay i even made a misplaced order but the seller was ver considerate enough to give me a refund btw. refunds takes 1 week to 1 month for it to appear on your bank statement.  so this is my first time very excited on my purchase im checking it like everyday to check if its already here in the philippines. so this is the tracking in the ebay:

one thing that i noticed this one is not accurate >_>;; i check my shipment details on a certain site .. ill link you below after the picture so this is the tracking on the site that is accurate when it comes to shipping details on china post

The sailormoon wig was posted/shipped on october 31 .  i basically google for more info on how long would it take some people say its MONTHS im like .______.;; im one of those people that gets pissed when they wait for too long... but i kept my cool so i waited for it to arrive.   when i saw it says it has arrived on import custom im like *OOO*~ EXCIIITEEED btw not all parcel take that long my corset took only  a week ITS VERY FAST they say its fast since the sellet is located at hongkong :v
after a month and days i finally recieved a notice from the post office *3*

i got this on december 3 . early in the morning i was too excited i wanna claim it already but it says claim is on mon and fridays ONLY sucks.  if you are a filipino YOU KNOW WELL ENOUGH HOW CORRUPT PEOPLE ARE IN HERE i was afraid to claim it by myself some people say philpost put LARGE AMOUNT of tax ;_; on your parcel . there are many story of horror about philpost -shivers- so i went there with my dad.  i submitted the claim slip after minutes they invited me inside. the office im very scared they might put tax on my item ;___; but gladly i only paid 100 pesos per package they say its postage fee...  

this it my item >3< it we in mint condition although it was very dusty @__@  but its fine . 

this is what i got <3 i was disappointed with the ulzzang it IS NOTHING NEAR THE DESCRIPTION OR THE REFERENCE i gave the seller a bad record ._. but the sailormoon wig is <3 also the corset o3o

The corset was <3 it was 100% accurate. they even gave me a thong lol. although the sizing was much smaller than i expected yet they deliver excellent service ! A++! fast shipping accurate item:3

as for the sailormoon wig:

100% accurate very soft although the shipping was  very slow lol XD but i love wig :3

So lesson learned buy only from seller with awesome rating :v  will buy again from ebay ! 

thank you for reading and godbless 


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