Sunday, December 7, 2014

Life under A Corset~ (DAY 2)

So recently i decided to undergo Waist Training i wanted to reduce my waist to 26-25 inches  my current waistline is 34-32    .___.'' yes i love food  that why im big </3 so yeah  lets have some overview on corsetting or waist traning

Waist Training - is using corset or tightlacing to achieve an hourglass figure. it was also used by women in victorian era.

Note: if you want to start waist training get corset with STEEL BONED not acrylic or plastic. ALSO GET CORSET WITH ATLEAST 20 STEELBONES.

there are many type of corset  : UnderBust , OverBust,Cincher, and many more. i suggest start with underbust it gives you more mobility than the overbust.

so this is me in my waist trainer:
one thing i noticed is i get full easily Q_Q my stomach cant stretch that much since my belly is constricted . also im having a hard time sleeping but im  trying to be comfortable with my corset <3  i really want an hourglass figure ;3;

 so my current waistline is with corset is 30-29.  i will post updates everyweek  if there is any changes on my waist *excuse my armpits omg. baby armpit hair* xD LOL


Thanks for reading XOXO <3

Here is a link of Corset tips and tutorials <3 CLICK ME >w<

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