Friday, June 13, 2014

Circle Lens Review * Crystal Ula Blue*

Hi im going to review this lens which i got from gwyshop :D ill give the shop link below :D bought it last year since i dont have a blog back then i didnt have the chance to review this lens. i bought this for one for my stocking anarchy cosplay . i debuted my stocking anarchy back at october 6th 2013 it was cosmania 13" back then i picked up this lens at their booth :>

since it was a very long time ago i dispatched my bottle already X( so ill provide you some pictures from google of the vial *credits to the owners*

this is the vial of the lens ill provide the specification below~

✿ ULA Blue ✿
Brand: Crystal
Diameter: 15mm
Orgin:South Korea
Effect: up to 18mm

Power: Plano Only
Base Curve: 8.6
Color: 2 Tone
Water Content: 42%
Life Span:1 Year
Shelf Life: 3 Years

IT PALE im like gosh would this thing be visible on cameras and such Q_Q i wore this on the spot and gave me red eyes lol because i didnt wash my hand XD too many people using le bathroom so put this on inside the con its hard D: almost dropped this on the ground ROLF so yeah its pale when u first look at it sorry for the crappy photo i dont have this DSLR thing *too expensive*


IAM SHOCKED AND IMPRESSED how this thing is very visible this photo is taken the night before ozine 13" with artificial lights i did not use any flash or so i hate flash it makes my face look oily and stuff XD so yeah its very pretty O_O and very visible indeed ! 

this is the picture of it in a shoot *credits to le photog mr kuroyuki* :D i have no problems regarding this lens but i do get dizzy when it dries up on my eyes when wearing it for too long it makes me dizzy Q__Q

  • Final Verdict 
this is one of my favorite lenses of all time very affordable bought this at 300php :like:  visible and its not that big that will make me look liek some alien HOHO xD will repurchase?

YES if this one expires will get a new pair of it my all time favorite lens <3 SHOP LINK LINK~

Thank You So much and Godbless



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