Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cosplay Tips 101 *make up*

Hello Guys sharing some tips for cosplay make up :D tips and tricks and must do's for a perf cosplay make up :) lets get started.

  • Improve Eyeliner skils

You should take time to  practice your eyeliner skill it will greatly enhance your eyes it will define your eyes well and can make it more noticeable dramatic and so also use a nice eyeliner .. it should be water/sweatproof and very pigmented my eyeliner right now is not that pigmented going to but a new one soon to replace it also make sure to line also your lower lid and tightline 

  • Tightlining 

Tight lining is important it will amke your lashes look thicker if you have thin lashes above picture shows the difference of tightlining can do for you. it can be a little weird to do at first practice makes perfect . practice then you will get it sooner or later

  • Contour

  Contour one of the must have skill when it comes to make up. im sure many of you knows angelina jolie and kim kardashian right? look at their very prominent cheek bones. it is one of the wonders contour can do for you . No money for nose lift and other surgeries? learn contour its very easy . and cheap not to mention . in contouring there are 2 types of shadow or concealer to use one is for Highlight  and one is for Contour
highlight areas you want to emphasize, to pop up and contour for places you want to make look smaller and it also adds definition to the face :) ill provide you a tutorial video i found on youtube below  

  • Gradient Lips

Gradient lips is often seen in a korean. so called ulzaangs , its is often used by coser if you can view worldcosplay.net neneko tsukasa and other famous coser do this trick its a must do for a thick lipped like me to make my lips appear smaller . since anime character have small lips :) 

  • Circle Lenses

Seen alot of cute asian with BIG ADORABLE EYES? yes this is their secret CIRCLE LENSES~ circle lenses come in different size and colors can be very vibrant or natural looking i usually wear 15mm lenses  circle lenses range from 14mm is the smallest and 20mm? i think the biggest since 22mm is a sclera lens a very LARGE lenses not to mention very expensive have you watched the movie Underworld? they used Sclera lenses there its very hard to put on and very scary xD going back to circle lenses.  if picking a lens you should pic one with dark limbal rings *limbal rings are the dark ring around the iris* as your grow older they will look less pronounced .. having darker limbal rings will make you look younger! :D 

  • Color that Brows

Color that brows~! it will make your cosplay more appropriate looking . since you have blonde hair you should have a blonde brows too XD my first cosplay was blonde i had black brows B( pretty disturbing. its very hard for me to color my brows since its very thick :c its very hard to cover up if you have thick brows like me you should try to trim it up pluck it or shave it xD to minimize your eyebrows fot you to easily cover em up~ below is the tutorial to color those brows ~


One of my favorite XD <3 i love lashes how they make your eyes beautiful longer lashes can me alot of difference as seen above there are various designs of lashes Japanese lashes are very cute and adorable they also have this lashes use for lower lids it provides more definition to your eyes~ Want pretty eyes? BUY AND PUT DEMN LASHES GURL~!

  • Optional* for girls with monolids* EYELID TAPE <3

If you are a monolid*single lids* eyelid tape is going to eb your new bestfriend when it comes to cosplay many asian have this problem but there is a solution EYE LID TAPES these are tapes that can give you Double eyelids if you have a single eye lids i can greatly enhance ones eyes ~ see the difference above?
VERY DIFFERENT RIGHT? sometimes you are gunna be shocked when you see an asian coser without make up because their eyes changed yeap.. they use this stuff to make their eyes appear bigger :O

pretty freaky huh? but hell it helps alot of asians to achieve their look ~ :) if u have monolids YOU SHOULD learn how to tape does lids maam~




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  1. xD helpful hahha ~I usually don't do such stuffs as contouring xD


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