Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cosplay Junkies~ *kurumi tokisaki costume*

Hi Guys~  so im sharing you my very first sewing project :D i decided that ill sew this one since i ran out of money to pay for MTO *made to order* costumes which costs around 3000php and not that detailed @__@ guh too expensive 3000php is around .... 62 USD? i think yeah...  to save money i did this by myself with the help of good ol google and some friends who also sew their costumes so here is my costume ATM *still havent finished it yet need to buy laces for the skirt*

reference picture

So i bought fabrics at a local store here. its worth 69php per yard bought 3 yards of black and red orange for 412 i think? i actually wasted alot of money XD bought too much red orange fabric since its my first time i had hard time to know how many yards do i really need UGH bough extra 2 yards of red orange for the SKIRT Q_Q

Corset Top

1st thing that i made is the corset top :D Q_Q which is the hardest part of making the costume i had a hard time fitting it in my figure it looks so straight i cant see my curves XD made a mistake on making there thanks to my friend who provided me  this  iam supposed to be cutting the side to put shape into my corset instead i went for the straight cut XD 
after i did this my corset fits better that before it holds on to my shape not like when i first wore it xD bought 10 yards or black ribbon and 10 yards or red. bought the ribbons for the details for the costume :) and oh the back side is criss cross type i have no pics of its back side SORRY GUYS.

The Skirt and the mini apron

i got very frustrated on the skirt Q_Q since it ate up 3 yards of cloth already ran out of money -dies and i did lot of repairs and trimming here my first s work is TOO LONG so i had it cut off and 2nd is it doesn't fit me its too loose Q_Q  i know i measure it right but WHY Y U GIVE ME WRONG MEASUREMENTS </3 here is how i made the circle skirt circle skirt tutorial << please click to see the tutorial by wiki how <3  so this is only the half of the skirt Q_Q went back to the store to buy another 2 yards  ;3;

this is the mini apron that is need to top on before the skirt *did i said it right? lol* same procedure as the circle skirt but instead did this 
sorry bout my crappy drawing i did that instead of a half circle  i went for that to create the mini apron :D and on the reference it has ruffles and red ribbons iam kind of a noob when it comes to ruffle xD so i asked my friend how and she gave me this
it really helped me LIKE ALOT there is a tutorial on ruffle it involves gathering fabric i tried it . it doesnt work for my fabric *katrina fabric* so i went frustrated provided the video on gathers below :> i
you can choose which technique would you wanna go with but i went with my friends technique :D as for the red ribbons on the apron i went frustrated if iam going to sew them one by one of make holes in the apron i made the decision to sew them 1 by 1 and it went AWESUM :>  i cant provide the picture of it i cant find it Q_Q 


the arm warmer and the headdress :D i had a hard time on the headress its crappy xD 

I MEAN LOOK AT IT XD its all messed up XD but hell yeah they cant see it anyway so went on with this HURHURHUR :)))  and as for the arm warmers i followed this  pattern online

after cutting this i measured 4 inches of black and 5 inches of red orange for the detail *please check the reference above*  it went nice except for the ribbons its hard to sew them xD on but it went great :D i did not get pictures of the choker its very easy get a ribbon and cut black fabric and make a ruffle LE POOF done~

just me wearing the headdress that i made YAY guys i suggest making your own costume you will feel crappy cuz you cant do it right but after you sew your cos you will feel fulfilled VERY fulfilled  since you poured your heart into it and work very hard i even went all night to do this and learn to love my costumes more since its very hard to make them :D if you have any questions regarding this costume/tutorial id be happy to help you out ill be updating this after i get an awesome shot for my costume


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  1. May I ask what type of cloth did you used for the dress? :D the orange parts and black parts. thanks!


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